The Best Cloud Server

Cloud gaming has had its fair share of ups and downs in recent years. While the landscape is filled with disappointing services and fanboy rivalries, there is still a demand for cloud gaming. Whether it’s for cost-saving purposes or limited options due to rising living costs, people are looking for the best cloud gaming service in 2023. In this article, we will explore the top cloud gaming services based on personal experiences and their appeal to the wider gaming community.

The Best Cloud Server
The Best Cloud Server

9. Vortex – Rest in Peace

Vortex takes the last spot on our list, mainly because it seems to have vanished into thin air. In 2022, it was mentioned that the service was already full and inaccessible. But in 2023, the website is completely gone, and even the Android app is not available for download in supported regions. Vortex is officially dead, joining the ranks of Stadia as another cloud gaming service that didn’t make it.

8. Sora Stream – A Scummy Business

Sora Stream finds itself low on the list due to its questionable business practices, input lag issues, and an underwhelming game library. While the service offers a free trial, the included games are of poor quality and don’t showcase the platform well. Moreover, the higher-priced tiers don’t disclose the games included, making it hard for users to determine if it’s worth the money. The streaming experience also suffers from lag, impacting gameplay negatively. Overall, Sora Stream lacks proper execution and falls short in many areas.

7. Nware, Blacknut, and Loud Play – The Equals

These three services, Nware, Blacknut, and Loud Play, perform similarly and cannot be separated as individual entries. Nware is a GeForce Now clone that allows users to bring their own games from online stores like Steam. However, its performance outside of Spain is disappointing, and access is still restricted despite a monthly charge. Blacknut, on the other hand, has increased its price without significantly improving its game library. Loud Play is a Russian-based company that offers pay-as-you-go cloud gaming, but it lacks any standout feature. None of these options stand out enough to challenge higher-ranked services.

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6. Boosteroid – Promising Yet Disappointing

Boosteroid, another GFN Clone, offers a great gaming catalog and device compatibility at an affordable price. However, its poor performance on any connection makes gaming difficult. Moreover, the TV apps are poorly designed, and the controller rumble is overwhelming. Despite its cost and compatibility advantages, it’s hard to recommend Boosteroid due to its numerous issues.

5. Amazon Luna – Surprisingly Decent

Amazon Luna surprised us by landing a higher spot on the list. While personal experience with the service was not enjoyable due to various issues, Luna has some redeeming factors. With a reasonable monthly cost and a library of 125+ high-quality games, Luna stands out in terms of visuals and performance. It also has connections to Twitch and offers a Wi-Fi controller for a smooth gaming experience. However, the age of the included games and the occasional performance issues may deter some users.

4. Shadow PC – Powerful but Expensive

Shadow PC offers top-notch cloud gaming performance but comes at a high cost. While it provides a full remote PC experience, allowing for productivity tasks and gaming, its price is prohibitive for most users. The service is stable, offers great input, and grants full PC access to those without their own machines. However, the expensive monthly fees make it a less attractive option compared to buying a gaming device.

3. GeForce Now (GFN) – Overpriced but Delivering

GeForce Now, despite personal reservations, secures the third spot on our list based on its qualities. The service offers three tiers of access, with options for various budgets. With resolutions ranging from 1080p to 4K and features like DLSS, GeForce Now delivers impressive cloud gaming performance. However, the service’s caveats, such as limitations on the free tier and inconsistent output resolutions, must be considered before subscribing.

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2. Xbox Cloud Gaming – A Mixed Bag

Xbox Cloud Gaming has its drawbacks, but its positive factors outweigh the negatives. With extensive device compatibility and a library of around 450 games, including exclusive titles, Xbox Cloud Gaming provides a substantial amount of content at a reasonable monthly cost. While performance issues may hinder the overall experience, easy sign-up and cancellation processes, along with support for various controllers, make it a solid option for Xbox and PC users.

1. PS Plus Premium – The Reliable Choice

PS Plus Premium may not be the most exciting option, but it delivers on its promise. With access to a vast library of around 650 titles, including popular PlayStation exclusives, PS Plus Premium offers a reliable cloud gaming experience. The service works flawlessly across devices, making it a hassle-free option for players. While it may not have the same level of innovation as some competitors, its simplicity, inclusive content, and consistent performance make it the top choice for many.

In conclusion, cloud gaming is still a niche and challenging area in the gaming industry. The services on this list have their pros and cons, but there is still room for improvement. If service providers can address performance issues and accessibility challenges, cloud gaming has the potential to become more mainstream. Until then, traditional gaming consoles will continue to hold their place.

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