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Are you certain, doctor?
Where is Kinn?
Where is Kinn?
Kinn is…
Mr. Tankhun.
Kinn is…
Mr. Tankhun, please lower your voice.
Kinn is out of the woods.
Just not up yet.
Why the hell are you teasing now?
This is Mr. Tankhun.
Why can’t I play?
Why is he being so moody?
And where is Kinn now?
Which room?
Over there.
Where are you going?
He’s not up yet.
Isn’t he overreacting?
I’m Kinn’s brother and I’m not overreacting.
How’s Mr. Kinn doing?
Everything seems to be fine.
There’s nothing to worry about.
Oh, hello, Porsche.
Kinn’s not up yet?
Not yet.
And these flowers are for Kinn?
These are for you.
Yellow roses mean friendship and care.
And there’s also another meaning.
That doesn’t expect anything in return.
Well, I’m off now.
Oh, you’re leaving?
If I stay,
I might make Kinn uncomfortble.
So I’d better get going, Porsche.
Take your flowers back too.
I’m allergic to those.
It might land on my bodyguard’s skin.
Well, I’m outta here. I don’t want to disturb you.
Where are you going?
Are you gonna let you boss sleep alone?
Why, can you not sleep alone?
I’m on my work leave now.
Are you really gonna go back alone?
This is one of the most haunted hospitals.
You think I’m afraid of that?
I’m not scared…
The A/C in my room is just too cold.
What made you come back then?
Have you ever done anything without a reason?
Papa gave you 7 days to think…
Are you coming back to be my bodyguard?
Well, I’m lying here.
Do you still need to ask that?
You wanna call your brother?
Of course.
Can I?
Hello, Chay.
Hello, bro.
Where are you?
I came back and I missed you.
Are you doing alright?
I have an urgent matter to attend to.
I miss you, bro, how are you?
I miss you so damn much.
Got to see you just a bit, hasn’t eased me at all.
If you’re free, come over to see me again, alright?
I love you, Chay.
Take a good care of yourself.
I love you the most in the whole world, bro.
Thank you.
Are you still hurt?
The wound is quite far from the heart.
What a mouth!
That means you’re still alright.

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After a tense period of worry and uncertainty, the atmosphere at the hospital is finally lifting as the news of Kinn’s recovery spreads. In this emotional reunion, Chay, Kinn’s brother, expresses his relief and love for his sibling. The scene is set with Porsche, a close friend, showing his caring side by bringing flowers not just for Kinn but for Chay as well.

On Cloud Official Site
On Cloud Official Site

A Symbolic Gesture of Friendship and Love

As Porsche hands over the yellow roses, he explains that they are not just a token of friendship and care but also a symbol of love that expects nothing in return. This heartwarming gesture reflects the deep bond between the friends and helps to uplift the spirits of both Chay and Kinn.

A Decision Made with Reason

As Chay contemplates his next move, he receives a call from his father, offering him time to think about his future. Despite being confined to a hospital bed, Kinn’s voice comes through the phone, expressing his love and longing for his brother. Chay’s love for his sibling is evident as he reassures Kinn and promises to visit again soon.

The Power of Family and Support

The conversation between Chay and Kinn showcases the unconditional love and support within their family. Their bond remains strong, even in difficult times. This heartwarming exchange reminds us of the importance of cherishing our loved ones and being there for them when they need us the most.

In conclusion, the hospital scene captures the essence of love, friendship, and family bonds. The reunion between Chay and Kinn showcases the power of support and reassurance during challenging times. The yellow roses symbolize the enduring friendship and care between Porsche, Chay, and Kinn. This heartwarming story reminds us to cherish the relationships we have and to always be there for our loved ones.

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