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Sign in with Apple is an amazing feature that Apple introduced with the rollout of iOS 13. It allows users to easily set up accounts in apps using their Apple ID. This feature provides the flexibility to use an alternate name and decide whether to hide your email address. In this article, we will guide you on how to set up and use a Sign in with Apple account in both apps and websites.

Icloud Com Sign In
Icloud Com Sign In

Setting Up Sign in with Apple Account in an App

Follow these steps to set up a Sign in with Apple account in an app:

Step 1: Launch the app that you want to create a Sign in with Apple account on.

Step 2: Tap on “Log in” or “Sign in” (or its equivalent). For example, in the Pocket app, tap “Log in”.

Step 3: Look for “Continue with Apple” in the list of login options and tap on it.

Step 4: Tap on the “Name” field to change your first and last name for this app.

  • If you want to share one of your real email addresses associated with your Apple ID with the application, select “Share My Email” in the Email section. You can choose which email address to share.

  • Alternatively, if you prefer not to share a real email address, you can choose “Hide My Email”. Apple will create a placeholder email account that will forward all information from the app to your primary email address.

Step 5: After entering all the required information, tap “Continue”. Your Sign in with Apple account will be created, and you can start using the app.

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Next time you open the app and are prompted to log in, select “Continue with Apple”. Authenticate yourself, and you’ll be logged into the app using your Apple ID.

Using Sign in with Apple Account on Websites

To access apps on websites with your Sign in with Apple account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a web browser and navigate to the website where you set up a Sign in with Apple account. Click on “Log In”.

Step 2: Look for “Continue with Apple” in the list of login options and click on it.

Step 3: Enter your Apple ID and click the right-pointing arrow. Enter the password associated with your Apple ID on the next screen and tap the right-pointing arrow again.

Step 4: Enter the six-digit Apple ID verification code sent to your Apple device. This is part of the Two-factor Authentication process.

After entering the verification code, you will be asked if you want to trust this browser going forward. Choosing to trust a browser will eliminate the need for a verification code in the future.

Finally, click “Continue” to access the application with your Apple ID.


Setting up and using a Sign in with Apple account is extremely convenient and secure. It allows you to easily log in to apps using your Apple ID, both within the Apple ecosystem and on other platforms. Additionally, Sign in with Apple offers the option to hide your email address, providing an extra layer of privacy. So, take advantage of this feature and enjoy a hassle-free login experience!

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