Cloud Server For Small Business

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of protecting your valuable digital assets. One way to do this is by investing in a reliable cloud storage solution. While personal cloud storage systems may work for individual users, they often fall short when it comes to meeting the needs of businesses.

In this article, we will explore the top cloud storage options specifically designed for businesses. We’ll consider factors such as price, storage capacity, device support, security, sync capabilities, backup features, and file restoration. So, let’s dive in and find the best cloud storage solution for your small business.

Cloud Server For Small Business
Cloud Server For Small Business

iDrive: Reliable and Secure

iDrive is a popular cloud storage option for businesses. With plans starting at $75 per year for 250 GB, iDrive offers competitive prices and ample storage capacity. For larger businesses, the 5 TB plan is available for just over $1,000 per year. iDrive supports unlimited users, SQL databases, and devices, making it a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes.

Security is a priority for iDrive, with top-of-the-line AES-256 encryption and support for third-party audits. However, it lacks strong malware protection. On the bright side, iDrive excels in backup features, supporting all major platforms, including PCs, Linux systems, mobile devices, and network-attached storages. It even offers the option to receive USB backups via mail. File restoration is also impressive, with 30 days to restore accidentally deleted files and the ability to store 30 previous versions of any file.

Overall, iDrive is a solid choice for businesses, providing encryption and robust backup features. However, its virus protection and restoration capabilities could be improved.

OneDrive for Business: Collaboration Made Easy

As Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, OneDrive for Business offers seamless integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint. The pricing starts at $5 per 1 TB per user or $10 per user with unlimited individual cloud storage. With its deployment support for businesses with fifty or more seats, integrating OneDrive into your business is a breeze.

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OneDrive shines in collaboration, supporting automatic real-time syncing and co-editing of files. However, these features are limited to Microsoft products, which may not be suitable for businesses that don’t rely heavily on Microsoft tools. In terms of security, OneDrive offers robust AES-256 encryption, Windows Defender integration for antivirus protection, and backup features that go back 93 days.

While OneDrive is cost-effective for small teams, other options may offer better value for larger businesses that don’t require Microsoft integration. Nevertheless, OneDrive for Business is a reliable choice for businesses that want to collaborate seamlessly using Microsoft tools.

Egnyte: Powerful Features and Integrations

Egnyte is a business cloud storage solution that offers a range of plans starting at $20 per month per user. With one-click co-editing and real-time syncing, Egnyte enables smooth collaboration among co-workers. It integrates with Google Workspace, Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and other popular apps, providing a wide range of capabilities.

In terms of security, Egnyte offers assisted file recovery, ransomware protection, antivirus system, and an auditing system to track internal attacks. However, advanced security features are limited to higher-priced plans, which may not be ideal for small businesses on a tight budget. Nevertheless, Egnyte encrypts files using AES-256 security, ensuring the protection of your data.

While Egnyte may be more expensive than other options, its powerful features and extensive integrations make it a good choice for businesses that require advanced collaboration and customizability.

Backblaze: Affordable and Secure

Backblaze offers an affordable cloud storage option for businesses, starting at just $5 per terabyte of storage. However, this plan only covers a single computer, so additional licenses are required for multiple devices. Backblaze stands out for its mail-in drive option, allowing you to order a physical USB copy of your server for enhanced security.

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Security-wise, Backblaze offers two-factor authentication, internal user stats tracking, and secure data transmission. However, it uses weaker AES-128 encryption, which may not be as effective as other options. File restoration is available for 30 days, which is standard in the industry.

While Backblaze may not offer the most robust features, its affordability and secure backup options make it a decent choice for businesses that prioritize data protection.

FlipDrive: Cheap but Lacking in Security

FlipDrive is a cloud storage service that offers a free personal plan and a $20 per month business plan with 2 TB of storage. While it allows file syncing and backup, it lacks support for other users or devices, making collaboration virtually impossible. Furthermore, FlipDrive lacks security features such as encryption, antivirus protection, and multi-factor authentication. Its privacy policy also raises concerns, as it allows the platform to use the files you upload for targeted advertising.

Despite its affordability, FlipDrive falls short in terms of security and collaboration capabilities, making it a less favorable choice for businesses.

Sync: Versatile and Secure

Sync offers both individual and team-based cloud storage options. The team option starts at $6 per user per month, providing 1 TB of storage, which is more generous than other providers. For $15 or more, you get unlimited storage, making it a cost-effective choice for larger organizations.

Sync excels in syncing capabilities, allowing automatic syncing across multiple users and unlimited devices. It also offers a cloud-only syncing option, eliminating the need to download files for editing. With unlimited link sharing, team-based folders, and custom branding options, Sync provides a comprehensive set of features for businesses. Additionally, it offers impressive file restoration, going back up to 180 days, and supports integrations with Office 365, Google Files, and other advanced tools.

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Security is a priority for Sync, with AES-256 encryption, third-party tracking blocking, support for major compliance regulations, activity tracking, and multi-factor authentication. While it could improve its malware detection, Sync ensures the protection and privacy of your data.

With its extensive features and strong security, Sync is a top contender for businesses in need of versatile and secure cloud storage.

pCloud: Flexible and Secure with Excellent Features

pCloud is our top pick for the best cloud storage solution for businesses. With pricing options starting at $7.99 per user per month for 1 TB or unlimited data, pCloud offers an incredible level of flexibility and scalability. You can allocate storage and devices per user, making it suitable for businesses of any size.

Security is a standout feature of pCloud, with top-grade encryption protocols and a “zero-knowledge” server. This means that even the staff cannot access your data, providing ultimate privacy. pCloud also offers automatic syncing, team-level access control, comments, and activity monitoring, making collaboration seamless. File restoration and version control are impressive, allowing you to retrieve files up to 180 days back.

With its robust features, extensive device support, and advanced security measures, pCloud is the clear winner in our assessment.

In conclusion, when choosing the best cloud storage for your small business, consider factors such as price, storage capacity, device support, security features, sync capabilities, backup options, and file restoration. Each cloud storage provider has its own strengths and weaknesses, so assess your business needs and priorities to make an informed decision. Remember, protecting your valuable digital assets is crucial for the success of your business, so choose wisely.

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