Best Cloud Web Hosting Services

Are you tired of paying for web hosting services? Do you want to find a free option that actually works? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the best free web hosting services available.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Services
Best Cloud Web Hosting Services

The Reality of Free Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, most services require payment, especially if you want to start a WordPress site or develop with HTML. However, there are free options out there that may seem tempting. But are they worth it? Let’s find out.

000webhost: A Gateway to Premium Plans

One of the most popular free web hosting options is 000webhost. Owned by Hostinger, it serves as a gateway to their premium plans. While the panel and setup process are user-friendly, the limitations of 300MB storage, three gigabytes of bandwidth, and 10,000 inodes make it difficult to use in the long run. It’s essentially a free trial for Hostinger.

TinkerHost: A Developer’s Dream

TinkerHost was created by developers who wanted a better way to test their code without paying for a monthly hosting account. With five gigabytes of storage, 30,000 inodes, and a hundred gigabytes of bandwidth, TinkerHost provides impressive specs for low-traffic personal sites or testing larger projects. While the panel may not be as intuitive, it is usable for beginners comfortable with navigating cPanel.

FreeHosting: High Limits, Hidden Costs

FreeHosting offers the most impressive account limits among free web hosting services, with 10 gigabytes of storage, 125,000 inodes, and unlimited bandwidth. The panel is similar to cPanel but cleaner and easier to use. However, a major drawback is the $30 fee for enabling SSL, even though free options like CloudFlare provide SSL certificates for free. Additionally, there are other unnecessary fees for accessing simple features, making FreeHosting less desirable.

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InfinityFree: A Familiar Pattern

Powered by iFastNet, the same host as TinkerHost, InfinityFree follows a similar pattern. iFastNet offers free hosting accounts to various companies, including TinkerHost and InfinityFree. These companies make money through ads and affiliate commissions when users upgrade to premium hosting at iFastNet.

The Truth Behind Free Web Hosting

The question remains: why do companies offer free web hosting? The answer is simple: to sell you premium hosting. Free hosting options are essentially a trial period in hopes that you will eventually become a paid customer. This holds true for Oracle Cloud’s free tier as well.

Explore Other Options

If you’re an enthusiast with server administration skills, Oracle Cloud’s free VPS with 24 gigabytes of RAM may be a great option for powerful web hosting. Alternatively, if you’re just tinkering with WordPress, you can run it locally on your computer using solutions like Local WP.

Conclusion: The Limits of Free Hosting

While free web hosting can be enticing, the limitations and hidden costs often outweigh the benefits. As your website grows, you may eventually need to upgrade to paid hosting. For a thorough comparison of top web hosting services, check out our guide.

Remember, when it comes to web hosting, it’s important to consider your specific needs and carefully evaluate the options available. Don’t let the allure of “free” cloud your judgment.

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