Best Cloud Server Providers

Welcome to another Cloudwards video review! Today, we’re going to discuss the best cloud storage options available in 2020. With over 30 providers competing for your attention, we have reviewed them extensively and compiled a list of our top five favorites. Get ready for some surprises! But before we begin, please take a moment to hit the like thumbs-up and subscribe bell to receive more of our helpful videos.

Best Cloud Server Providers
Best Cloud Server Providers

Microsoft OneDrive – Our Favorite Among the Big Three

Starting off our list is Microsoft OneDrive. You’re probably familiar with this name as it comes pre-packaged with Windows 10. While not excelling in any particular area, OneDrive stands out among the big three (including Google Drive and Dropbox) due to its superior web app. It allows you to scan documents in color and share them with non-Microsoft account users. Additionally, OneDrive’s block-level copying feature allows you to make changes to synced files without the need for re-uploading the entire file. This feature provides near real-time syncing, especially useful for those working with Microsoft Office documents. If you are already an Office Online user, including OneDrive in your shortlist makes perfect sense. However, for handling larger files, there may be better services available.

Icedrive – A Newcomer with a Stellar Reputation

Next up is Icedrive, a relatively new player in the cloud storage landscape. Despite its recent establishment, Icedrive has made a fantastic first impression. It offers ten gigabytes of free storage space and places a strong emphasis on security. With zero-knowledge encryption, only you can access and read your files. This level of security is unmatched by the big three providers. Icedrive also implements file downloading optimizations, resulting in minimal storage space usage on your computer’s hard drive. Its user interface is intuitive and appealing across desktop, mobile, and web-based platforms. Icedrive even offers lifetime plans, giving you the option to purchase 1TB of storage for only $149 or a generous 5TB for just $499, which would typically cost $17.99 on a monthly basis.

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Tresorit – The Ideal Cloud Storage Service for Businesses

Tresorit takes third place, earning our recommendation as the best cloud storage service for businesses. With its zero-knowledge encryption, Tresorit guarantees total privacy for your files. It also offers unlimited versioning, ensuring a range of backups in case of data corruption or ransomware attacks. The user interface is aesthetically pleasing, making excellent use of negative space. Despite these merits, Tresorit’s higher cost compared to consumer-focused services places it primarily in the business category. Consumer plans start at $12.50 per month for 500GB, while businesses are looking at $20 per user for 1TB of storage.

pCloud – Excellent File Sharing Capabilities

Coming in at number two is pCloud, one of our favorite cloud storage apps for file sharing. With just an email address, you can easily share files and folders, adjusting edit privileges as needed. pCloud also offers a convenient platform for managing shared content, preventing any confusion. Unlike other providers, you can share files with individuals who don’t have a pCloud account. Additionally, pCloud provides a generous ten gigabytes of free storage, one of the most substantial offers in the market. Similar to Icedrive, pCloud offers lifetime storage options and family plans. For a one-time payment of $500, you can gain 2TB of storage for up to five users. However, please note that once you’ve shared a file, applying zero-knowledge encryption to it becomes impossible.

Sync – Our Top Cloud Storage Service

Finally, our number one cloud storage service is Sync. If you’ve watched our previous videos, you may already be familiar with how highly we regard What sets Sync apart from the competition, including pCloud, is its ability to keep files encrypted even when shared. Only you and the chosen recipients have access to the shared files, ensuring the utmost security. Additionally, Sync allows you to remotely wipe a file after it has been downloaded by someone else, a rare and valuable feature. The 2TB plan is priced at only $8 when paying for one year in advance. We believe it is worth the investment and once you try Sync, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to switch back. While Sync is near perfect, we hope to see the addition of a drive feature in the future, allowing for easy access to files without occupying hard drive space.

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In conclusion, these are the best cloud storage providers for 2020 according to our research and analysis. If you found this information helpful, please subscribe and like our video so we can continue to assist you in navigating your online life. Thank you for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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