Best Cloud Based Server

Best Cloud Based Server
Best Cloud Based Server


Cloud-based virtual machines have gained popularity for their convenience and flexibility. However, there are certain situations where using a cloud-based virtual machine may not be the best option. In this article, we will explore five reasons why it might be worth considering alternatives to cloud-based virtual machines.

Reason #1: Slow or No Internet Connection

One of the most obvious limitations of using a cloud-based virtual machine is the reliance on an internet connection. Without a stable internet connection, accessing cloud machines becomes impossible. Additionally, even with a slow connection, tasks such as transferring keystrokes and mouse movements can become challenging, especially when dealing with audio and video. While a command line operating system may function adequately, a slow internet connection can hinder overall performance.

Reason #2: You Already Have the Computer You Need

If you already have a computer that fulfills all your requirements, there may be no need to invest in a cloud-based virtual machine. While learning how to create a cloud-based computer can be beneficial for future-proofing your skill set, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on something you already have. As long as your current computer meets your needs, there is no immediate necessity to explore cloud-based alternatives.

Reason #3: Running Apple’s Mac Operating System

If you specifically desire to run Apple’s Mac operating system, using a cloud-based virtual machine might not be the best choice. Apple prefers to sell their hardware and software together, rather than licensing their operating system to outside companies. Although it was possible to run Mac OS on non-Apple hardware in the past, Apple has discontinued this practice. To fully experience the seamless integration of Apple’s hardware and software, it is recommended to invest in an Apple system.

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Reason #4: Mining Cryptocurrency

While mining cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, might seem like a lucrative venture using virtual machines in the cloud, it is not as simple as it appears. The cost of running these virtual machines often exceeds the earnings generated from mining activities. Mining cryptocurrency requires significant computational power, making it impractical to rely solely on cloud-based virtual machines for this purpose.

Reason #5: Gaming and GPU-Intensive Work

For gamers and individuals engaged in GPU-intensive work, cloud-based virtual machines may not provide the optimal experience. Graphics-intensive tasks with low latency requirements are not well-suited for traditional cloud computing systems. However, there is a notable exception: Google’s Stadia. This gaming platform leverages dedicated graphics cards in the cloud, providing a solution for gamers who wish to use cloud-based gaming systems. If gaming is your primary concern, exploring options like Stadia might be more suitable than traditional cloud-based virtual machines.

In conclusion, although cloud-based virtual machines offer numerous benefits, it is important to consider the limitations they present. Slow or unreliable internet connections, already having a suitable computer, the desire to run Apple’s operating system, cryptocurrency mining aspirations, and gaming or GPU-intensive work are all factors that might make alternative options more appealing. Understanding these limitations will help determine the most suitable computing solution for your needs.

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